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скачать corerm mod 1.7.10

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corerm mod 1.7.10corerm mod 1.7.10

Engagement Ring  - Gift to a villager to become engaged to them. Give them a wedding ring afterwards to cause all nearby villagers to give you gifts.

Arranger’s Ring  – Gift to two different people to make them get married to each other.

Whistle  – Right click while holding it to call your children and spouse to your current location.

Tombstone  - Place it on the ground and write on it like a sign as a tribute to a lost family member.

Note:  RadixCore Standard Mod Framework :  Required for 1.7.2 only! Drop the file into your mods folder with MCA.

OpenEye is (mostly) a developer tool, that collects mods usage and crash reports. It also delivers notifications (created by mod authors) to clients.

OpenBlocks introduces a range of random ideas into Minecraft. There is no theme. Some of it is rather silly! Requires OpenModsLib 0.9.1 .

You can either download everything as all-in-one package or as three separate jars (suggested for modpacks)

Credits: tterrag1098
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The Forestry mod for Minecraft is a complex addition to the game which allows for mechanization of crop production and was designed to be compatible with various other mods. Hooking into various mods common to the Technic Pack, such as Industrial Craft 2 and Buildcraft, Forestry can be thought of as an expansion to the expansions.